Parcours Master of Science in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (MSIAM)


Welcome to MSIAM, Master of Science in Industrial and Applied Mathematics, master program at Grenoble, France.
Currently, applied mathematics is an area that provides many job opportunities, in industry and in the academic world. There is a great demand for mathematical engineers on topics such as scientific computation, big data analysis, imaging and computer graphics, with applications in many fields such as physics, medicine, biology, engineering, finance, environmental sciences.

The Master of Science in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (MSIAM) offers a large spectrum of courses, covering areas where the research in applied math in Grenoble is at the best level. Our graduates are trained to become experts and leaders in scientific and technological projects where mathematical modeling and computing issues are central, in industry or research. A large and distinguished graduate Faculty participate in the program, bringing their expertise in a wide range of areas of mathematics including applied analysis, numerical analysis and scientific computing, probability theory and statistics, computational graphics, image analysis and processing, and applied geometry.

The course is labelled "Core AI" by MIAI.

Publié le  10 novembre 2016
Mis à jour le 8 septembre 2022