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Bâtiment IM²AG

Welcome to IM²AG Department

The IM²AG Department of Université Grenoble Alpes covers three domains which contributed to the renown of Grenoble University during the last 50 years:
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics

A word from the chair

The Teaching and Research Department in Computer Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics of Grenoble (UFR IM²AG) hosts about 650 undergraduate and graduate students every year with the support of 30 administrative staff members and taught by 180 faculty members who, by their educational and scientific excellence, contribute to the reputation of Grenoble.
The UFR IM²AG offers a wide range of courses in pure mathematics, applied mathematics and computer science.

The main careers following studies at IM²AG are :
  • Teaching in secondary and higher education
  • Developers / Software Engineers in simulation, video games, and robotics,
  • Experts in cyber-security,
  • Project Managers in IT or industrial mathematics,
  • Actuarial, banking, insurance analysts,
  • Data analysts and data managers,
  • Research and development in companies.
The UFR IM²AG welcomes foreign exchange students and offers several international courses.
The UFR IM²AG is at the very core of the industrial eco-system. It has developed strong partnerships with more than 200 companies that employ a large number of students who have graduated from the UFR.

Courses at the UFR IM²AG readily use recent scientific research carried out within the MSTIC pole (Mathematics, Sciences and Technologies of Information and Communication).

Grenoble is one of the few sites where excellent research laboratories (with the CNRS or INRIA partnerships) and industries in the fields of micro and nanotechnology, ICT and mathematics collaborate. It is also a pioneer site in France for research on the interface between mathematics and computer science. Recruiting visiting instructors from these industries is particularly valuable for our future engineers' education and entry into the workplace. It has also contributed to the creation of several courses which include work experience.

Public research in Mathematics and Computer Science on the Grenoble site is at the highest international level (1 Turing Award, four members of the Académie des Sciences, 9 members of the Institut Universitaire de France).

It is carried out in the following research laboratories: l’institut Fourier, le laboratoire d’informatique de Grenoble (LIG), le laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann (LJK), le laboratoire G-SCOP (Sciences pour la conception, l’optimisation et la production de Grenoble), le laboratoire GIPSA (Grenoble images parole signal automatique), le laboratoire TIMA (Techniques de l’informatique et de la microélectronique pour l’architecture des systèmes intégrés), le laboratoire TIMC (Techniques de l’ingénierie médicale et de la complexité), le laboratoire VERIMAG.

Feel free to join us !

The chairman Laurent Desbat
Published on  May 30, 2016
Updated on January 22, 2021