Relashionship and contact with companies

Several possibilities are proposed to developp one's network to find the right internship and begin to developp a knowledge of companies :

Forum :

For students who intend to work in private companies, it is possible to bring a CV and discuss with companies on this dedicated day. More than 50 companies who look for students with the right profil are usually present : big or small, from different kind of activities : digital, energy, agro-food, health, banking and insurance. 

Next forum will take place on January, 17th 2019


Human talks (in French)

Academic year 2018-2019
Date Human Talk Participants Visuels (accès réservé)
11/10/2017 Que sont-ils devenu ? Anciens des formations en informatique Jérôme Vassy, Actoll
Clément Carle, SopraSteria
Cyril Depraz, Biomérieux

Pres SopraSteria
08/11/2017 De la preuve du concept à l'industrialisation    
14/02/2017 La gestion de projet    
14/03/2018 Les enjeux de la transformation numérique    
28/03/2018 Devops    
Academic year 2017-2018
Date Human Talk Participants Visuels (accès réservé)
12/10/2017 Les métiers du numérique Anatoscope, Hardis, Capgemini  
09/11/2017 Le Big Data Sopra&Steria  
16/11/2017 La sécurité des SI Orange  
15/02/2018 Le cloud Axway  
01/03/2018 Industrie 4.0    
22/03/2018  Retour d'expérience