Looking for company contacts

Relationship and contact with companies

Several possibilities are proposed to develop one's network to find the right internship and begin to develop a knowledge of companies :

Forum :

For students who intend to work in private companies, it is possible to bring a CV and discuss with companies on this dedicated day. More than 50 companies who look for students with the right profil are usually present : big or small, from different kind of activities : digital, energy, agro-food, health, banking and insurance. 

The forum is usually held in mid-January. Watch the film of the 2023 forum : watch

Human talks (in French but some of them in English)

Saison 2022/2023

Date Human Talk Participants Visuels
6/10/2022 Artificial Intelligence (en anglais) EasyVista
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20/10/2022 Start-up and entrepreneurship (en anglais)
17/11/2022 Conduite du changement (en français) Accéder à la vidéo
02/03/2023 Le cloud (en français) Accéder à la vidéo
09/03/2023 Architecture à microsystème (en français)
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Published on  September 29, 2016
Updated on May 25, 2023