Double Degree IM²AG

Double Degree

With more than 160 agreements worldwide, the IM²AG offers many opportunities for international mobility including double degree programs with high quality partners.

A double degree student

  • The course programmes have to follow the agreements of the Double Degree Programmes.
  • You attend courses and take exams following the foreign establishment's regulations.
  • In Europe, all our partnership universities use ECTS credits.
  • On return, the results will be checked and if satisfactory they will be validated. Students will have two degrees : one of the host university and the foreign degree.
Agreements with partnership universities
Country University Degree Handbook
Britain Université de Swansea Master Mention Informatique parcours Master of Science in Informatics at Grenoble (MOSIG)
Operations Research, Combinatorics and optimization (ORCO)
Master Mention Informatique parcours Cybersecurity
Russia MIPT Master Mention Informatique parcours Operations Reserch, Combinatorics and Optimization (ORCO)  

Other agreements in process :
Country University Degree
Russia MIPT Master Mention Mathématiques et Applications Parcours Science in Industrial and Applied Maths (SIAM)

Published on  February 12, 2018
Updated on July 4, 2022