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Internships proposals

Here are internship proposals on the internship application or in PCarré for research internships.

Lists of past years internships : 2017-2018, 2016-2017 and 2015-2016.

Here are internship proposals on Career Center Uga

Procedure for Internship and TER (Travail d'étude et de recherche)

Send to the internship information form duly filled and signed.
Wait to receive an email that will allow you to enter the intership agreement.
Here are procedures for entering and the management of the agreement as soon as it has been accepted.
  • For a TER in a company or a resarch organisation which is not UGA, the requested document is an internship agreement.
  • For a TER in a UGA Laboratory, the requested document is a protocole d'accueil.

A few things to know (according to French legislation)

  • The duration of an internship will not exceed 6 months (ie 132 days, or 924 hours).

  • For the intership agreement, enter the number or hours, especially when it includes a part-time period : 1 day of work = 7h.

  • The agreement must be signed by all parts before starting the internship.

  • Fees are compulsory from the 45th day of work on (308 hours).

  • Mention the amount of fees per hour. The minimum amount (which is what is practised in French administration, including laboratories) is 3.90 € per hour. If a company mention an amount for one month, you need to divide it by 151.67(number of hours per month). Here is a link to help calculate the fees.

Interships abroad

  • Fill the annex for all interships abroad (even EC) and bring it to office F019.

  • Check the security level of the country (you can find help on the French goverment's application MAEDI)

For M1 INFO and MOSIG TER in UGA Laboratories :

If the TER takes place in an UGA Laboratory, the requested document is a "protocole d'accueil".

The procedure is the same as internship's :

  •  have the  internship information form filled and signed
  • fill the protocole and print 3 copies which have to be signed by the same persons
Hosting Protocol Regarding TER M1 MOSIG
Protocole d'accueil M1 MOSIG
Protocole d'accueil M1 INFO

In case of a prolongation of a TER that will leed to payment of the total dura
tion, an internship agreement will be entered and signed.
Published on  September 29, 2016
Updated on November 3, 2021