Every year many students leave to study at a foreign university. If you have the plan to study at a university for a semester or a year, you should know that these academic stays can take place from the the first study cycle (Bachelor) to the second study cycle (Master). It is possible to study for one semester (preferably the first) or for one year in the framework of study mobility programs.

How does the exchange program work ?

Only students enrolled at Université Grenoble Alpes can submit an application.
To help students interested in this enriching experience, the international relations department of IM²AG organizes information meetings at the end of September with the pedagogical coordinator.



  • 3rd week of September: meeting with the international relations of IM²AG.
  • 4th week of September: meeting with the department of the "relations territoriales et internationales" of the UGA on departures outside Europe.
  • September - October: preparation and passage of language tests.
  • October-November: editing of the application files. To know the different destinations, please consult the interactive map according to your component (IM²AG) in the form.
  • Establish a pre-selection of Year + 1, courses will be validate to the pedagogical coordonator.
  • Submit the application online.
    1st week of December pre-selection of mobility outside Europe and Europe from IM²AG.
    • Applications outside Europe have priority over Erasmus + applications. If you are selected to participate in an exchange program outside Europe, your Erasmus + application will be automatically canceled.
  • Beginning of January : admission committee for mobility outside Europe by the UGA.
  • End of January results of the admission committee.
  • January - April: applications from partner universities (calendars and deadlines are depending on the host institution and the area).
  • May - July: preparation of grant application files.
  • Until July: notifications of acceptance or refusal of the partner Universities and necessary administrative procedures of immigration.


There are different types of funding available to study abroad as part of exchange programs.